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Red String Buddha Bracelet Set

Red String Buddha Bracelet Set

Improve your wellbeing with a powerfully blessed bracelet set ❤️

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Lifetime Guarantee

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Adjustable Length

Our Bracelets are fully adjustable in length, meaning you don't have to worry about the size of your bracelet, since you can adjust it as you go!

How to Use Effectively

You should flush out any heavy, negative energy that you have as soon as you get your bracelet, because we sometimes subconsciously carry negative energy without noticing.

That being said, whenever you feel negative energy, either your environment or from within, Hold the bracelet in your dominant (giving) hand, and let the amulet flush the bad energy from your spirit.

When you feel that the energy has been removed, you'll feel lighter, blissful, and peaceful.

Hand-tied by Buddhist monks, our Red String Buddha Bracelets are infused with positive energy and purpose. Each bracelet serves a specific function when combined, which enhance the wearer's overall well-being.
  • Red string 🔴: Deflects negativity, attracts abundant luck, and strengthens bonds with loved ones.
  • Rainbow string 🌈: Amplifies joy and positivity, celebrating your unique essence and attracting new opportunities.
  • Dark red string 🌹: Fortifies resilience and courage, providing unwavering protection during life's challenges.

Wear our powerful bracelet set which keeps you protected from negativity, attracts endless luck, and gives strength to overcome anything life throws at you.

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  • "So cute, you'll probably want to get them for all your friends."

  • "Beautiful Bracelets made for astrologists and spiritualists alike."

  • "Perfect gift idea for his-and-hers, your partner will love it!"

  • Attracts Abundance

    You will no longer feel scarcity. The Universe will work fast and powerfully to bring you the abundance you've been asking for.

  • Brings Good Fortune

    Let the Amulet fill your life with good fortune and blessings, leaving you happier, blissful, and peaceful.

    Negative Energy has been blocking you from your desired life, but thankfully it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

  • Unlocks Manifestation

    You communicate with the Universe through your channel of communication. Negative Energy blocks you from the Universe.

    When you repel that bad energy away, you'll unlock the Law of Attraction. The Universe will finally hear you, and start fulfilling your asks.


"Its a manifestation life hack!!!"

"I didn't know how much negative energy I held until I got this. I felt so much more happier and confident after wearing it. Even the guy I've liked for 6 months asked me out yesterday. Yall need to get this!! Its a manifestation life hack!!!”

Meagan Laskey - Verified Customer

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