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Orgone Abundance Pyramid

Orgone Abundance Pyramid

Manifest Luck & Abundance by attracting it from the Universe 💙

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How to Use Effectively

How to Use Your Orgone Pyramid in 5 Simple Steps

1. Choose a Purposeful Spot: Select a location for your orgone pyramid where you'd like to enhance the energy. This could be your desk, meditation space, or any area you frequent.

2. Set Intentions: Before placing the pyramid, take a moment to focus on your intention. Whether it's promoting positivity, relaxation, or focus, this step amplifies the pyramid's effects.

3. Place with Precision: Set the pyramid on a flat surface with the pointed end facing up. This optimizes the flow of energy-conducting materials within the pyramid.

4. Absorb the Energy: Spend a few minutes near the pyramid, absorbing its energy. Breathe deeply and allow the pyramid's vibes to resonate with your intention.

5. Integrate into Routine: Incorporate the pyramid into your daily routine. It can complement activities like meditation or yoga, enhancing their benefits over time.

Attracts Abundance & Luck Into Your Life

These crystals are arranged in a way that brings abundance and luck into the user's life thanks to their powerful properties.

This powerful arrangement creates positive circumstances that can be considered as miracles.


How it works:

These powerful crystals create a flow of good luck and abundance in their environment.

This arrangement makes incredible chances and events happen in the user's life.

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  • Attracts Abundance

    You will no longer feel scarcity. The Universe will work fast and powerfully to bring you the abundance you've been asking for.

  • Brings Good Fortune

    Let the Orgone Pyramid fill your life with good fortune and blessings, leaving you happier, blissful, and peaceful.

    Negative Energy has been blocking you from your desired life, but thankfully it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

  • Unlocks Manifestation

    You communicate with the Universe through your channel of communication. Negative Energy blocks you from the Universe.

    When you repel that bad energy away, you'll unlock the Law of Attraction. The Universe will finally hear you, and start fulfilling your asks.


"Its a manifestation life hack!!!"

"I didn't know how much negative energy I held until I got this. I felt so much more happier and confident after using it. Even the guy I've liked for 6 months asked me out yesterday. Yall need to get this!! Its a manifestation life hack!!!”

Meagan Laskey - Verified Customer

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